Reym Air

Defeat the invisible enemy!

We want to make protection against dangerous microorganisms available to everyone, to help you defeat viruses before they enter your body!

When we are full of energy, rest and receive a healthy diet, our immune system protects us from disease, resists the periodic attacks of harmful microorganisms that tend to grow in our body and cause harm from the inside. However, in difficult times, when we are under stress and our immune system is unable to withstand the constant attacks of microorganisms that cause disease, we get sick. Bactericidal devices radically minimize the number of microorganisms around us. If surfaces can be treated with chemical disinfectants, the air cannot be purified in this way. However, it can be effectively cleared of disease vectors using bactericidal recirculation and irradiators!

Why “quartz lamp”?

Why are germicidal lamps called “quartz”? Is there a difference between them? Which is “better” which is “worse”? There are so many similar questions. All modern germicidal lamps can be called “quartz lamps” because quartz (silica) is the element that forms them. We will not consider a specific glass – for example, phosphate glass used in laser thermonuclear fusion, etc. However, from different types of silica glass, many different lamps are created, for example, ultraviolet therapy lamps (lamps for psoriasis, “sun” and other lamps for dermatological therapy). Industrial lamps for hardening polymer adhesives are also made from quartz glass. Quartz glass is used in infrared therapy lamps and even in home infrared heaters because of the superior physical properties of quartz glass compared to standard glass.

Why us?

Our mission: to protect against dangerous pathogens, viruses and the raging COVID-19; To defeat them before they enter our body! Our wish: so that everyone can cope with the hordes of viruses and bacteria that attack our body. Our motto : defeat the invisible enemy! A willingness to help people is natural and generous. To help those looking for solutions, wants to protect themselves and their loved ones from infections and the risk of disease. When our desire turned into an idea – this became our mission – we created the REYMAIR company, which offers various solutions to protect people from pathogenic microorganisms both at home and in public places. Our main business is devices for fighting viruses and other microorganisms in the air, dust and various surfaces around us.