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Portable equipment for cold metal spraying

The technological process of gas-dynamic metal spraying forced our team to concentrate on creating a new professional model with two built-in powder feeders, the model was named REYM-102P. The designers took care of creating a modern design, and the engineers made it more reliable and technologically advanced. It has become convenient and efficient to work with the REYM-102P gas-dynamic metal spraying device. Perhaps this is the best model in this category. But we keep on creating!

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Quality control

The equipment meets European requirements. High culture of work, accumulated experience, powerful engineering and technical base, allow you to be confident in the quality of the product.
ISO 9001

Warranty and support

By purchasing equipment from us, you take our relationship to a new level. Competent and comprehensive technical support is guaranteed to you at all stages of work with our products.

100% meets your expectations

By purchasing equipment from the REYMAIR brand, you first of all get something that will help solve your task for a long-term perspective.
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The device of gas-dynamic spraying of metal REYM-101 satisfies all my needs on HUNDRED. The Ukrainian manufacturer guarantees quality and reliability, there are always powders and consumables. I recommend.